Market saturation, international competitiveness, consumer tastes change and compliance with regulations are just some of the factors that have increased the organizational complexity over the last few years.

Companies must constantly move between cost containment and quality of the products and service offered. The main problem is not whether or not they to reach these goals, but rather how to reach them.

Inadequate storage systems can negatively affect customer service level as well as represent a cost that erodes the company’s profitability. Logistics costs, in spite of the high incidence on turnover, are often underestimated.

In order to remain competitive, companies must necessarily rethink their own intralogistics processes, confidently accepting new technologies and integrating them into everyday workflows.

The automation of the logistics processes represents today a priority for all companies, both in manufacturing and distribution, who want to maintain and increase their own competitive advantage.

This document describes all the key benefits of a SILO VLM and explains how to easily calculate its return on investment.

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