City Logistic

We help you discover the technical terms and acronyms of City Logistics.



An identification badge or just badge is a card made of PVC or other plastic material (PET/ABS/Polycarbonate) used for personal identification.


Set of vertical bars that contain information. Each bar corresponds to a value or code which can be read by optical readers and transformed into messages or information.


Space between two uprights of racking within which one or more pallets can be allocated.


The blockchain is a complex, structured database which is organized according to the rules and dictates of peer-to-peer technology and is responsible for storing and tracking all the operations performed. The blockchain is widespread on the web and can be consulted by anyone who is a link in the chain.


Activity carried out by the management system aimed at booking: a space in the warehouse for the subsequent storage of a pallet; a pallet for subsequent handling or picking; a variable number of parcels for subsequent manual picking.

Brick and click

Business model used by retailers that integrates the physical store with the e-commerce site.

Buffer Stock

A buffer of stock or in other words the quantity of raw materials, semi-finished or finished products that are kept in stock in case of shortages in supplies.

Business to Business (B2B)

The various online business transactions between companies. Electronic Commerce that deals with transactions between companies and not those between a company and the final consumer (for example the dispatch, processing and fulfilment of orders between a manufacturer and its distributors).

Business to Consumer (B2C)

The various online commercial transactions between businesses and end consumers. Electronic Commerce that deals with the transactions between a company and its final consumers (for example the possibility to purchase consumer products from a “virtual supermarket”).