City Logistic

We help you discover the technical terms and acronyms of City Logistics.



Production to customer order and order fulfilment direct from the factory.


Production for the warehouse and fulfilment of customer orders from the availability of products in stock.


Distribution map of storage locations within a warehouse, appropriately coded according to the location and function of each area and saved in the management system archives.

Material management

The planning and control of activities related to the flow of materials from suppliers to the end of the transformation process.

Materials handling

The physical management of products and materials from the time they are purchased until the time they are shipped.

Materials management

The logistics of products arriving from suppliers governed by the production process. The handling and management of materials and products from acquisition to production.

Merchandise mix

Assortment of products.


The trader who manages the purchase or sale of goods in large quantities.

Midpoint return

Route through the picking area which sees it divided into two sections by cutting the work aisles in half. In each part the operator carries out picking operations with return-type paths. The mission is completed by two cross aisles which can be found in the first aisle to be visited on the left and in the last one to be visited on the right when viewed from the front I/O.


Automated warehouse served by stacker cranes for small load units.

Minimum Bill of Lading

The minimum load agreed in a transport policy (especially naval ones). The charge can be either for a defined amount or per ton, based on the quantity.

Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO)

A multimodal transport operator is the company who is responsible for carrying out a transport using different vehicles and modes.