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Automated solutions for the storage, distribution and sales of goods and materials, even in self-service, contact-free mode, for manufacturing and distribution companies from various industrial sectors:
Aerospace & Defence, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Mechanical, Mechatronics & Metallurgy, Electrical & Electronics, Textiles, Clothing & Footwear, Packaging, Chemical, Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals, Biomedical, Logistics & Transportation, Industrial Automation, Hardware, Building & Construction, Food & Beverage.

Looking for a smart solution to optimize your warehouse? 

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The tailor-made
multi-column vertical
storage system

SILO² is our multi-column vertical storage system capable of solving the problems associated with intensive storage. It offers maximum adaptability to the actual needs of the warehouse and allows for rapid and ergonomic picking and retrieval operations. 

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SILOL is our vertical storage system with shifting trays for multi-purpose uses and for the intensive storage of long and / or bulky items.

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SILO XL is our single–column vertical storage system with shifting trays for the intensive and safe storage of long and/or heavy items such as profiles, bars, tubes, etc. ...  

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The multi-column
vertical storage system for
rapid picking

SILOPlus is our vertical storage system with shifting trays for the storage and high frequency picking of light loads.

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SafeBox is the first tailor-made self-service solution for the contact-free 24/7 high-density storage, distribution, return, replenishment and sales of high-rotation or high-value materials, even those with large dimensions or weights.
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COMPATTACargo is our mobile racking system for the intensive storage of heavy and bulky loads.

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The paternoster system with rotating carriers for light loads.

ROTAR is our vertical carousel for intensive storage and filing, composed of carriers which rotate vertically around an internal guide. The number of carriers depends on the type of stored materials and on the available vertical space of the warehouse where the ROTAR will be installed. 

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Cases and Applications Industrial

Efficient and safe storage of undelivered parcels for GLS Cosenza branch

GLS, a well-know international express courier, choses SILO² VLM to improve efficiency and optimize the available space for its Cosenza Branch, Italy.
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Cases and Applications Industrial

Space optimization and real-time traceability for Strumentazione Industriale

Strategically installed side-by-side, the two SILO2 Vertical Lift Modules ensure the fast, accurate and safe storage of over 800 small- to medium-sized items in less than 50 m2.
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Cases and Applications Industrial

A SILO² VLM installed externally for the storage of work clothes

Thanks to a SILO2 installed externally, Mario De Cecco Spa saved a lot of precious footprint while ensuring the proper storage conditions to the stored items.

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