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Through our specialized technical training courses, your technical team can learn all they need to know, from a technical point of view, to install, maintain and modify our automated systems.
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Help Desk

When you call our help desk our well-trained, qualified technical staff will assist you with second level technical support, helping you to resolve any breakdowns or malfunctions.
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Spare Parts

To maintain performance at optimal levels, it’s important to choose original spare parts for your automated system.  Our Genuine ICAM parts are the result of many years of experience and know-how and fully comply with the high standards we set for our products.
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We prolong the life of your systems by revitalizing outdated equipment: product updates allow you to achieve significant improvements in terms of safety, reliability, quality and performance.
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Our team of I.T. specialists and software experts are able to quickly resolve any defects or malfunctions in the management system of our automated systems.
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If a Client has lost the User and Maintenance Manual or any other accompanying documents which belong to the automatic system (wiring diagrams, CE certification, load charts, technical data sheet, tables etc.) we can provide you with a replacement digital and/or paper copy.
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All of our products are provided with a legal warranty of 12 months.
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