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Our commitment to you doesn’t stop when you buy one of our products. We’re always there for you, every second as you continue to work. Keep your “smart solution” at optimal levels, find out more about the offers and services dedicated to you!


We know how to get the best performance from our systems: proper installation ensures greater efficiency and reliability, reduced energy consumption and a longer life cycle. Our assembly teams ensure that each and every system is correctly configurated and integrated. They also carry out installation trials and provide much-needed assistance during the start-up phase.

Help desk

Our highly-trained, qualified technical staff will help you quickly resolve any system breakdowns or malfunction or they can refer you to our technical expertise centres for any complex issues. Call our help desk to ask for information, report any error codes on your ICAM product or arrange an appointment with our of our technicians. This service is only available if you sign up for a service contract with an annual fee for your entire collection of ICAM systems. Calls are unlimited, but at your own expense. However, before you call, please make sure you make a note of the relevant serial number.

Spare parts

To maintain the high-level performance of your automated systems, it is essential to opt for original spare parts. Our genuine ICAM parts are the fruit of many years of experience and know-how and match the high standards we set for our products.

Revamping & upgrades

We can extend the life of your systems by renewing and revitalizing outdated equipment – product updates can provide significant improvements in terms of safety, reliability, quality and performance.


No unexpected expenses and a state-of-the-art maintenance cycle, tailored to your needs with fixed, set rates; this is what our maintenance programme offers. With I-Service, you can benefit from all the standard maintenance operations provided for in our routine maintenance plan for all ICAM systems.
Maintenance visits aim to check the efficiency and good working order of your system and therefore extend its life cycle with:
On-site checks of the system operation together with all of its components and safety devices
Regular cleaning, calibration and lubrication of moving parts

Why should you sign up for our i-Service assistance and maintenance contract?

– Personalized contracts
– Prioritized repairs
– Guaranteed fixed prices
– Prevention of damage due to wear and tear
– Discounts on new systems

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We can tailor your system to your changing operational needs and can increase or reduce the height of the system or even alter the number of access openings if required.


If you are planning to move or renovate the premises you use for your warehouse, you can count on our dismantling and relocation services. Our highly specialized assembly teams will ensure your automatic storage system is properly re-installed and re-configured.


Our team of IT technicians and software experts can quickly resolve any glitches or malfunctions in the management software of our automatic systems. We make sure your automatic system works as efficiently as possible by issuing regular software updates. We can provide technical IT assistance over the phone or work on it remotely. Our staff can also provide you with expert advice, personalized for your specific problem.


To get the most from your ICAM automatic system, it is important for your staff to be well-trained and up-to-date with the latest innovations. Our specialized training courses help your employees to have a better overall understanding of how our products work and how to intervene in the case of any downtime. We aim to help you work more efficiently and productively on a daily basis.

Duplicate documents

If you have lost your User and Maintenance Manual that comes with your automatic system (such as wiring diagrams, CE certification, load capacity tables, technical data sheets) we can provide you with a digital and/or paper copy.

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Legal warranty

All of our products are covered by a 12-month legal warranty.  
We guarantee our products, according to the conditions set out in our terms and conditions, against any defects arising from the manufacturing process and/or any assembly process, which occur in the 12 months following the date of the first start up trials or from the date the equipment was shipped to you, according to the terms agreed.

Extended warranty
The most important thing when it comes to automation, is the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can use it seamlessly, with no interruptions.  With this in mind, we have created an Extended Warranty, which can be used to extend the warranty on your system for up to 4 years and your mobile system for up to 9 years.

>> Download our warranty terms for Italy
>> Download our warranty terms for Overseas