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We are committed to making your life easier with an extraordinary combination of quality, safety and expertise. This commitment doesn’t stop when you buy one of our products. We are always there for you, every second, as you continue to work. Find out more about the offers and services dedicated to you!


Our highly-specialized technical training programmes help your technical team learn the know-how and techniques they need to install, maintain and modify our automatic systems. The course structure and topics studied are aimed at disclosing a more advanced understanding of our hardware and software systems, because a well-installed system provides greater productivity over the years and fewer problems in terms of operation and maintenance. We pass on all the necessary expertise to help installers and maintenance personnel provide the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

Help desk

When you call our Help Desk, our highly-trained, qualified technical staff will be able to assist you with second-level technical support, quickly helping you resolve any breakdowns or malfunction or they can refer you to our technical expertise centres for any more complex issues. However, before you call, please make sure you make a note of the relevant serial number.

Do you need more information, technical support or assistance?

Spare parts

If you want to maintain the performance of your automatic system at optimal levels, it’s essential to opt for original spare parts. Our genuine ICAM parts are the fruit of many years of experience and know-how and match the high standards we set for our products.

Revamping & upgrades

We can extend the life of your systems by revitalizing outdated equipment – product updates can provide significant improvements in terms of safety, reliability, quality and performance.


Our team of IT technicians and software experts can quickly resolve any glitches or malfunctions in the management software of our automatic systems. We make sure your automatic system works as efficiently as possible by issuing regular software updates. We can provide technical IT assistance over the phone or work on it remotely. Our staff can also provide you with expert advice, personalized for your specific problem.

Duplicate documents

If a client has lost their User and Maintenance Manual, or any other document which comes with their automatic system (such as wiring diagrams, CE certification, load capacity tables, technical data sheets) we can provide you with a digital and/or paper replacement.