Captex is a company with over 30 years of experience in the business of inbound trade of fabrics, imported from abroad and also sold to major national and international fashion groups.



In the aftermath of the pandemic crisis, the company faced a rapidly expanding market, both globally and domestically. Moreover, the two main market segments (fast fashion and planned fashion), while having different commercial and structural characteristics, shared similar logistical needs: to constantly and rapidly update collections, making them immediately available for sale. Therefore, it is necessary to have more space in a single location to increase the stock of available goods, while also trying to improve performance in terms of order accuracy and fulfillment time, reducing waste and inefficiencies. In 2020, with this in mind, Captex decided to move from its historical headquarters in San Giuseppe Vesuviano to the Nova (NA) production district and redesign its logistics processes to enhance efficiency. To achieve this, they relied on STILL, Solution Partner of ICAM.



In order to have more fabric rolls always available, with greater speed and accuracy in order preparation, semi-automatic compactable warehouses, which doubled storage capacity while maintaining the same footprint.

Today, Captex has over 100,000 fabric rolls in stock and can handle an average of 50 orders per day, each consisting of about 30/40 fabric rolls, destined for local, national and international customers. Also, thanks to the integration between the ERP management system, the warehouse WMS, and other management software, Captex can have a detailed and always up-to-date mapping of all the stock available in the warehouse; and set movements based on the exact location of the material, to maximize efficiency when opening each aisle.