Gabbiano is a leading Italian company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of a wide range of consumer items for Large-scale Retail Distribution and Specialized Retailers.

The company manages three logistics hubs (one in Mantua, where the headquarters is based, one in Milan and one in Barcelona).



Gabbiano managed small and light goods such as glasses, accessories for children, pets accessories, etc., on traditional shelving. This solution forced the workers to travel long distances to pick items and consolidate one order at a time. Each operator reached an average of 148 picks per hour, that is much below what was necessary to maximize the profitability of such typology of items.

In addition, the traditional shelving was no longer suitable for guaranteeing the right level of protection for the stored items, since in most cases they are medical devices.



To cope with these critical issues, the company decided to install 2  SILO Plus Vertical Lift Modules at the end-of-line area of the pallet live storage

Higher than 7 metres, both SILO Plus Vertical Lift Modules are made up of two storage columns with two side-by-side picking & refilling stations, they allow to prepare up to 6 orders at the same time: in just 20 m² the 2  SILO Plus VLMs can manage between 7,500 and 9,000 packages, which is equivalent to the sales of around 18 to 20 working days.