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Choose ICAM Compatta Cargo mobile bases for your shelving and become a supplier of complete solutions, tailored to your customer’s needs.

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70 m

length for the mobile bases

From 3,500 to 12,000 kg

load-bearing weight for each wheel

1.000 t

Max. tonnes total load

Double your business opportunities

Double your business opportunities

Offer your customers solutions tailored to their needs and expand your business opportunities.
Being able to adapt to any type of shelving, pallet racking, cantilever racking and shelf panels, compactable storage systems created using Compatta Cargo mobile bases provide intensive storage for heavy and bulky loads such as boxes, baskets, containers, pallets, profiles, bars, rolls, coils and finished products.
This results in multiple extra opportunities to provide your shelving.

Reliability and quality of the technical solution

With over 35 years of experience in the design and manufacture of mobile bases, ICAM can guarantee a stable, practical and long-lasting product. Made from structural steel, the Compatta Cargo mobile bases ensure resistance to high flow rates a lower risk of wear and tear. In contrast to traditional systems, Compatta Cargo mobile bases are not anchored to the ground, but run along rails: a feature that allows them to respond more naturally to seismic activity, while ensuring greater stability.

Reliability and quality of the technical solution

Long life and low maintenance

Long life and low maintenance

Easy to install, reliable and low maintenance: the Compatta Cargo mobile bases allow you to focus on generating new business opportunities, without having to worry about carrying out long training courses or frequent corrective maintenance.
The use of a chain-drive system ensures a long operational life and very high reliability for the storage system, compared to traditional belt-drive systems.

Compliance with Industry 4.0 requirements

Make space for the future and offer your customers a compact, semi-automatic system that complies fully with Industry 4.0 requirements and is able to interconnect with the most popular WMS and ERP management systems to offer maximum operational efficiency. In addition, thanks to the incentives provided by the Industry 4.0 Plan, they will be able to recoup up to 90% of the purchase price.

Compliance with Industry 4.0 requirements

Customizable visual design of the mobile bases

Customizable visual design of the mobile bases

Make your Compatta Cargo unique by adapting them to your visual identity.
You can customize the colour and apply your company logo to the front of each mobile base so that it is always visible to your customers.

Partner Program

We want to support you in developing new business opportunities, day by day. For this reason, we have created a Partner Program to accompany you through all of the stages of creation and development of the first logistics projects. This will allow you to expand and consolidate your technical-commercial skills and quickly grow your business.

Partner Program

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Many advantages for your customers,
multiple opportunities for you


Optimize all available space

+80% storage capacity in the same footprint area;
+40% of space saved, while still storing the same amount of stored material


High level of application versatility

The Compatta Cargo mobile bases are compatible with all types of shelving, even pre-existing shelving, and can adapt to any type of storage environment, both normal and refrigerated up to - 40°


Expandability over time

The modular structure of Compatta Cargo allows you to add additional mobile bases as time passes, as your business evolves.



Using Compatta Cargo in refrigerated environments significantly reduces energy costs


Ease of use

Compatta Cargo mobile bases can be handled with a remote control or tablet on which ICON, our web-based management software for simplified warehouse management, has been installed


Safety from every point of view

The structure of the mobile bases ensures an insulating effect with the ground to provide maximum seismic protection. Light curtains and photocells protect operators and materials at all times.

What are the benefits of joining ICAM’s Compatta Cargo ICAM program?

To help you expand your business, ICAM has designed a dedicated partner program to accompany you through all of the stages of development with appropriate support services to respond to your specific needs.




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