Intelligent Automated Solutions for Supply Chains

At ICAM, we design & manufacture automated solutions to support the mobility goods within a smart city.
For over 60 years our brand has stood for innovation and cutting-edge technology, not just in Italy, but also worldwide.

ICAM at a glance

Intelligent solutions for storage, distribution and automatic sales

We design and manufacture innovative automatic systems to make the storage, distribution and sales of your goods safer, more efficient and sustainable.  

Our technological portfolio includes a wide range of “intelligent”, highly-flexible and modular solutions which have been designed specifically to respond to storage and distribution needs in cities, companies and organizations operating over various business sectors, in line with the new Industry 4.0 paradigm.

Our vision

To sustainably bring goods, materials and people together

Millions of tons of goods are handled every day. 

In a world undergoing such rapid evolution and constant change, it is essential to rethink and continually adapt production and distribution models to respond to new needs.   

At ICAM, we are driven by a vision: to help companies, organizations, merchants and logistics operators ensure that goods are always accessible, whenever and wherever they are needed, safely, in the right quantities and conditions and at the lowest price, while fully respecting environmental issues.

Our mission

Intelligent space to facilitate the mobility of materials and goods

Our mission is to build a space for the mobility of goods within a smart city.   

At ICAM, we commit to designing and manufacturing automatic solutions to make the storage, distribution and sales of your goods safer, more efficient and sustainable, by interconnecting all the parties involved in the Supply Chain, 24/7.

Our values

5 values, the core strength of our company

  • Innovation
  • Accessibility
  • Quality
  • Health and Safety
  • Sharing and cooperation

The future belongs to those who know how to imagine it. To those who can build it.

Only by changing the way we look at things, will the things we look at begin to change too. Our vision of the future follows the path we have taken since our company came into being, by anticipating the needs and demands of the market and investing in projects and initiatives that activate and support ongoing innovation in processes, products and services.

Technology is at its best when everyone can use it.

Whether it is a warehouse operator that needs to prepare an order, a supplier who has to replenish stock, a carrier that has to collect or deliver a package, a retailer who has to sell their products or a tourist who wants just wants to leave his luggage, we want everyone to be able to access materials whenever and wherever they are needed, quickly, sustainably and safely, 24/7.

Quality and reliability blaze the trail to innovation.

These are the founding principles that inspire us to create our products, starting from the design process, through to the end of their life cycle, Innovation and technology which can support the mobility of materials and goods in a smart city. This is the path we have decided to follow and it is founded in the concepts of usability, safety and interconnection.

All of our procedures, our methods and our processes are certified by the System of Quality and Environmental Management, which meets the EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, EN ISO 3834-2:2005, EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 and international UL standards. All of our products are certified and comply with the regulations of the countries in which we operate.


>> CERTIFICATION EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011

Safety first.

At ICAM we believe people are the starting point and the ultimate goal of every action we take. The level of safety we aim for is not just the minimum required to comply with legal requirements, instead it is a principle that guides us daily, the criteria at the heart of the solutions we design and the services we offer.

We share values to create value.

If research and innovation are the cornerstones of our strategy, then we believe that the only road to take towards innovation is the sharing of ideas. We believe that Open Innovation is the fundamental condition for addressing the technological challenges and the emerging needs in the world of the Supply Chain, with a multi-disciplinary approach. We are convinced that research partnerships facilitate the flow of new ideas, the acquisition of new skills and efficient corporate development.

our organization

More than a family business, we are a big family

We are a family owned and managed Italian company.
This enables us to make sustainable choices and continue to invest in innovation and our personnel to be able to respond quickly to change in the long term.
Our employees are at the heart of our creation and distribution of values.

Download the company profile >>
Download the company profile >>

Roberto Bianco

President & CEO

Graziano Bianco

Chief Sales Officer

Giuseppe Bianco

Chief Sales Officer

our story

The future is in our roots

Our story began in the heart of southern Italy in 1957 when ICAM was founded by Cav. Pietro Paolo Bianco to produce metal office furniture and light shelving for storage and archiving use.
Over the years technology developed by ICAM has accelerated progress in the field of intralogistics and achieved some notable accomplishments.
Today, at the helm of what is now an internationally orientated company, there is a close-knit family group with the same ideals as their father; namely passion for their work and a clear focus on innovation and quality.


ICAM in the world

Creating space and making
a place for ourselves in the world

Our roots are in Italy, but we have always held a strong international vocation.
We operate in over 50 countries, with more than 5,000 installations.
We operate across Italy with an extensive network of agents and resellers, specialized by business and product type.
In Europe, as elsewhere throughout the world, we operate with a network of exclusive distributors and authorized dealers as well as a sizeable number of other business partners.
Together we follow our customers from sales through to post-sales, drawing on our considerable experience.
In this way we are able to serve varied markets, with greatly differing cultures and needs, with the same constant efficiency.

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The future belongs to those who can imagine it.
Those who can build it

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”

– Marcel Proust

Cooperation breeds innovation

We follow collaborative models of innovation, operating according to the paradigms of Open Innovation. We work with leading universities and research institutes to tackle technological challenges and emerging requirements using a multi-disciplinary approach and the best skills available.

He who seeks, finds.

At the heart of our ability to innovate is our vision, our ideas and our determination to anticipate change. Research and innovation are the cornerstones of our business strategy and the reason why we invest up to 10% of our turnover in the development of new solutions and the improvement of existing ones.

We protect the value of our innovative ideas.

We systematically protect our intellectual property, the fruit of our innovative work, by filing trademarks and patents to protect both our technological know-how and the distinctive strength of our brands.

corporate governance

Ethics, integrity and transparency are the foundation of our Governance

The management of our company is based on the principles of integrity, transparency and responsibility, inspiring choices which cultivate behaviour that is not only law-abiding but also socially and ethically responsible, as we believe that the way in which you achieve results is as important as the results themselves.

Our system of Corporate Governance focuses on:

With this in mind, we adopted a Code of Ethics that brings together the ethical principles and values that form our corporate culture and are designed to inspire similar conduct and behaviour from those who work in the interest of the Company, both inside and outside the Company itself.
These ethical principles and rules of conduct helped to bring about the creation of an Organizational Management and Control Model as per Legislative Decree 231/2001, and the subsequent adoption of a supervisory body.
This system of codes, principles and procedures are constantly reviewed and updated to effectively respond to the developing regulatory context and to changes in operating practices.



Intelligent space is sustainable

At ICAM, we are committed to designing a smart space for the sustainable mobility of materials and goods. We aim to design and engineer innovative automatic systems to distribute goods in urban areas, 24/7, while reducing their environmental impact and any wastage of resources. We integrate sustainability criteria into the development of our products so we can protect not only goods,but also the planet itself.
We promote the creation of a sustainable space
We pay a great deal of attention to the impact we have on our environment so that we can make a concrete contribution to the development of a sustainable future. As a guarantee of our commitment, in 2002 we implemented an environmental management system certified to the ISO 14001 standard.

We use solar energy to power our factories and offices: the photovoltaic system covers 80% of our consumption

We collect and reuse rainwater from the roofs for internal use and make sure that the water we discharge into the environment is clean

To reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles and cups, we installed water dispensers

We installed recycling points for the separation and recycling of any waste produced on site

We monitor the environmental impact of our processes

We use environmentally friendly recycled and recyclable packaging

our digital space

ICAM on the web

This ICAM website is entirely dedicated to the ICAM multi-column vertical lift modules. It is a veritable “Showcase of the SILO range”.

This ICAM website, which is entirely dedicated to the COMPATTA Cargo mobile system, can quickly and simply provide all the information you need regarding this storage solution for heavy and bulky loads.

This ICAM website is entirely dedicated to the COMPATTA Light mobile system and can quickly and easily provide you with all you need to know about this storage and archiving solution for light loads.