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At the heart of each new piece of innovation, our team is betting on the future. At ICAM, we make a space for the best talents to do extraordinary things, working together. Are you ingenious, curious and passionate about new technology? Help us to build the ICAM of future, come and join our team!


Working at ICAM

People at the heart of a smart space

Imagine a workplace where technology, creativity and innovation can create a smarter tomorrow.

Working at ICAM means joining a work space made from innovation, excellence and a customer-orientated approach and excellence

We look for talented people whose qualities and technical expertise match our DNA and our corporate culture. This is why our selection process includes an evaluation of our candidates carried out in synergy by our Management and HR Teams.


Our eyes are always on the future. We are driven by a strong spirit of innovation and we want to be recognized for our ability to lead change. Our staff is one of the key factors in our ability to design and manufacture innovative solutions. Since1957, we have been pursuing our ambition to find new, intelligent ways to store, distribute and sell goods and materials.


Here at ICAM, innovation is a team game. Our corporate culture is based on the ideals of inclusion and respect and we actively promote collaboration between teams and departments to foster the exchange of best practices and know-how.


We value the actions of every member of the team and for us this means acting responsibly, respecting commitments made and recognizing the efforts of the colleagues and partners we work alongside. We take full responsibility for our decisions, our actions and our results, and are always professional.


We use all available resources to the full, avoiding waste, and always do what needs to be done, to the best of our abilities. Each new milestone becomes the next starting point as we continue to innovate and grow.


We embrace diversity because only a heterogeneous, open approach will help us face difficulties and find original solutions. We make space for ourselves in the world, adopting a line which values diversity and promotes inclusive policies which valorise diversity in all its many forms. Inclusive thinking guides the design of our innovation, making it freely available to all.

Results orientated

We believe in the strength and drive that only achieving results can bring. We aim to create a flexible, stimulating working environment, characterized by an entrepreneurial mind-set. We promote a culture of meritocracy focused on concrete results that promote personal growth.

People at the heart of a smart space

We believe in giving value to talent

We work in partnership with schools and universities on supplementary educational activities such as internships, company visits and graduation theses. We provide resources and skills to integrate the training process and support students as they enter the world of work.

Personal training for continual growth

We aim to offer our employees all the tools we can to help them continue to improve and grow at ICAM. We work with interprofessional funds and training schools to offer multiple opportunities for growth.

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