Accelerating business growth by expanding range and markets: these are the goals behind the entry of the AKSÌA Group into ICAM’s corporate structure.

Today ICAM begins a new, important chapter in its history. A history of more than 60 years of innovations that has seen the succession of two generations starting with the founder, Cav. Pietro Paolo Bianco, who established the company in 1957, then passing the helm to his sons. From the 1990s to the present, they have guided ICAM, leading it to become one of the most solid and innovative manufacturing companies in the sector.

It is a company that continues to grow by doing research and experimenting in new directions. And it is precisely the desire to continue to grow and win new market challenges that led Roberto Bianco, CEO of ICAM, together with his family, to choose the Aksìa fund, which recognized ICAM’s development potential in a market with high growth potential such as that of intralogistics automation.

Aksìa’s entry into the capital of ICAM will enable the company to consolidate its competitive positioning and accelerate business growth in both the national and international markets. The development plan also aims to strengthen the sales and distribution network, especially abroad, expand the management team and the range of solutions offered. The goal is to reach new targets and markets, especially the U.S., through a buy-and-build strategy aimed at accelerating growth.

Roberto Bianco will stay on as CEO of the company.

“I firmly believe that Aksìa’s entry into the capital of ICAM represents an excellent opportunity to transform our solid family company into a well-established reality in the international market,” says Roberto Bianco, further adding, “To succeed in international markets, it is increasingly important for companies to combine their know-how and market knowledge with the strength of a group that knows how to enhance and grow the organization, as well as its human, economic and financial resources for the benefit of all stakeholders. In ICAM we have built a team of capable and close-knit people, and it is with them that we want to write this new corporate chapter.”