Litokol S.p.A. is an international group which specializes in the manufacture of products for professional tilers, with deep experience in epoxy and polyurethane-based solutions for the construction industry. Founded in 1968, over the years it has extended the scope of its activity by distinguishing itself on the market due to the Zherorisk research project, which led to the development of the EVO line, creating environmentally friendly products for the building industry which include Litokol’s flagship product, Starlike EVO.



In Rubiera, the business is spread among several manufacturing and logistic hubs, separated from one another by a road. It is essential for the company both to organize intercompany logistics in order to ensure a the constant supply of the various production processes and to guarantee timely and accurate shipments.

In 2006, as the markets to be served expanded and with an increase in the range of Starlike products, the company found itself needing to increase the storage capacity for raw materials and also packaging.  A decision was made to start revising the layout and searching for a solution to optimize available space.



With the objective of increasing the storage capacity within the main plant, without carrying out any structural work to expand the building, in 2007 Likotol installed a Compatta mobile racking system made up of 20 mobile bases with 5 different load levels. The system occupies a total area of about 2,700 m² developing a total storage capacity of about 7,000 pallets.

In 2013, following a surge in the number of stock items in the Starlike EVO production centre, in Rubiera, the company once again turned to Compatta as the ideal storage solution for the management of finished products to be put into shipping.