City Logistic

We help you discover the technical terms and acronyms of City Logistics.



Federation of transport companies which belong to Confindustria (the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy)

First mile

The first mile of the journey of goods from a logistics hub to their final destination.

First-In First-Out (FIFO)

Inventory valuation method based on the concept that older materials are the first to be used.

Fixed Order Quantity

Batch sizing technique used in MRP mode when the inventory management system will always cause planned or actual orders to be generated for a fixed pre-determined quantity.

Fixed Re-order Period

Inventory management model which states that replenishment orders are issued at fixed time intervals “T” and in which the quantity that is re-ordered is designed to restore stock to predetermined levels to ensure availability for the entire period.

Fixed Re-order Point (Method)

Inventory management model based on the issuing of an order when availability is equal to the fixed re-order point, OP (Order Point). The supply batch is constant and equal to the economic order quantity (EOQ).


This is a unit of length, with anthropometric origins, which is not part of the International System of Units or SI. It is used in Anglo-Saxon countries, greatly in the United States and more sporadically in Great Britain. The dimensions of the Anglo-Saxon foot (to distinguish it from other historical units) is 0.3048 m = 30.48 cm. In the Anglo-Saxon system a foot is divided into 12 inches and represents 1/3 of a yard. It is also generally used to indicate heights in the world of aeronautics.

Fourth Part Logistics Provider (4PL)

Operators who carry out the activities that are typically outsourced to a 3PL, but adds on additional activities (which can be administrative, checking or financial in nature) at a strategic and operational level which is connected to the logistics or in some way associated. These activities are carried out on behalf of a company who has no skills, possibility or willingness to carry them out in-house.

Free at destination

It indicates that the seller retains liability for loss or damage until the goods are delivered to the buyer

Full Container Load (FCL)

A term used to describe when a transport occupies a full container.