City Logistic

We help you discover the technical terms and acronyms of City Logistics.


Identification Code

Plate showing the identification of the load unit and all the necessary information about it.

In-Bound Logistics

Logistics process that concerns the flow of products from the supplier to the manufacturing plant.


Set of international regulations issued by the International Chamber of Commerce and used to interpret the shipping conditions used in commercial contracts with foreign countries. Incoterms define the right and obligations of the supplier and customer.

Independent System

Allocation logic for the safety stock in a two-level distribution network which sees the stock stored partly in the peripheral warehouses and partly in the central warehouse.

Integrated Logistics

This term indicates the evolution of industrial logistics, where the concept of integration aims to underline that it doesn’t refer to the sum of traditional activities (order management, transport and storage), but to a managerial approach aimed at systematically optimizing the entire logistics chain.

Integrated Logistics Support

Iterative and integrated process aimed at developing a strategy and obtaining the human and material resources necessary for optimizing logistical support. It also influences and guides the engineering project of a product with the ultimate goal of reducing its Life Cycle.

Integrated Supply Chain

The network of companies and businessmen and women who work closely together in the manufacture, transport, distribution and sales of retail goods. Unlike a regular supply chain, an integrated supply chain is more collaborative and can involve the joint development of products, shared information and common systems.

Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

Intelligent transport systems based on telematics.

Intermediate Point

Location where cargo is transferred from one means of transport to another

Intermodal transport

The transportation of goods that uses multiple modes of transport (rail, road, air, sea) but with the same load unit, whether it’s a road vehicle or an intermodal transport unit, without breaking up the load itself.

Inventory holding costs

The total cost associated with holding stock. These costs consist of the cost of the purchase unit, the reordering cost, management costs and stock-out costs.

ISO (International Standardization Organization)

Geneva-based global standardization body with more than 90 participating countries.

Issue rules

The set of instructions for ordering goods which includes parameters, for example the re-ordering levels by category and quantity per order.

Item or article

Physical item managed by a warehouse, a production unit or a sales network which refers to a well-identified physical object (product, group, component or material) because it is registered in the company data with its own code number and its specific description, so much so that it is also commonly called an item code or simply a code.

ITU (Intermodal Transport Unit)

Containers, swap bodies and semi-trailers.