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We help you discover the technical terms and acronyms of City Logistics.


Warehouse inventory

Warehouse inventory is an operation aimed at evaluating the stock of materials, products and semi-finished products at the end of the company year. This activity involves making a list of all the assets, grouped by homogeneous categories in order to determine their value, which must then be recorded in the balance sheet and represents a cost item for the company that affects their annual results.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

This is a software system designed to support the operational management of the physical flows that pass through the warehouse, from checking incoming goods at goods in to the preparation of shipments for customers (but in inter-operational warehouses, this could also be other departments).


The activities related to the receipt, storage and handling of materials in a warehouse.


The amount of work that is assigned to a production unit to be done in the future, for example a workstation, etc.