ICAM has opened the doors of its new plant to its employees’ families to turn the workplace into a space for sharing and entertainment, for one night.

This is how the company wanted to thank its collaborators who with their work, dedication, passion and commitment are facing the new logistics challenges, transforming them into opportunities.

A “Red Party” in the name of fun for young and adults, of music and good food. Not missed was an opportunity to highlight the fundamental importance that people have had, and continue to have in the evolution of ICAM: from a manufacturer of light shelving and office furniture to a global provider of intelligent solutions for the storage, distribution and sale of materials and goods.

Having tenacious and reliable employees but at the same time smart and proactive, is the most precious capital that a company can have today, to keep up with a world that is constantly changing and increasingly rapidly” declares Roberto Bianco, CEO and Administrator of ICAM, adding “Their energy and enthusiasm allow us to carry on our mission of bringing goods closer to people in a sustainable way”.

The story of the new corporate mission saw the participation of children who, one after the other, opened the boxes containing the values ​​that are guiding the future development of ICAM.

We decided to involve children because it is for them too that we want to build a new, more sustainable space for the urban mobility of materials and goods”, says Elisabet Fasano, Chief Marketing Officer of ICAM. “And to do this we have chosen to keep the” values​​” at the base of our DNA inside boxes that represent the iconic unit of the goods handling, whether it is in industrial or urban contexts.

Innovation, Digital Humanism, Proximity, ICAM 4.0, Digital Servitization, Reputation, Quality, Sustainability and Collaboration: these are the drivers on which we’re building the ICAM of tomorrow, today.